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When I add an item, its not getting added!!!!

 I've been having this issue ongoing for the last several days. When I add an item it is not being added & or showing up anywhere in my list of items :( I go back & try entering the info again & get the same result. I have used skugrid for 9 months roughly so I know everything is being done correctly. Can someone please advise on what is going on & how this can be resolved?? Its very frustrating & will start to affect my business very soon!!

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Im having the exact same problem! Items listed from Hydra have not been transferred to SKU!

Me as well.  I've just added 13 items to skugrid individually to test it.  Only 4 items were added and 2 of them had the wrong price or incorrect shipping.

We have the same problem last 24hrs. Please help ASAP!

I am having the same problem. Please help

Having same problem, I'm a new user/subscriber and so far am not impressed.

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