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Error "Your EBAY US keys are incorrect or not set"


I got error "Your EBAY US keys are incorrect or not set" when i using skugrid but actually my key was set. And when i go to settings to check the ebay key. I saw another error:

Message from Ebay:

Your ebay_us keys are incorrect or not set,

Can you please help? Thanks

11 people have this problem

Hi ,

I am having same problem 

Please help,


I am having the same problem.  Please let me know what I need to do.  Everything on my end is set correctly.  


Okay, I see in the FB Group that this error should be ignored as it is a false notification.  Will try to remember to check FB Group first from now on:)

Can you pls tell where is the FB group? Thanks.

I have this error also...

I am getting the same error msg too." Ebay US Keys are not correct. Or not set."

i have the same errors like you last night.  i am awaiting for support to contact me for these errors. one thing that i know is that i changed my ebay password a week ago and i have not checked my skugrid.  if you changed your ebay password, you have to redo the keys so that ebay is insync with skugrid.  i have done that and still i have these errors that you displayed.  once i am currently waiting skugrid to respond to these errors.  

I know. I reset my keys a few times and still got msg. I believe it is on their end and

hopefully it is a glitch that will not cause any problems on our end.

i got one order that i listed and sold yesterday that was priced 17.99 by HYDRA LISTER even though the SUPPLIER URL was 21.10 and the item is supposed to be priced by HYDRA LISTER for 31.10 on ebay. i hope that is not a glitch.  i have been checking a few items that i listed to see if there are any discrepancies or not.  so far, i have not seen anything.  that was quite weird. not sure if it has to do with this error that i am currently experiencing.

So you lost money on that sale?? That is what I hope does not happen with this problem...that are listings

are not going to be properly updated.

yeah, about $5 and some changes since it was a low priced item.  skugrid is a good software but it is not perfect.  

i think there is a major with my connection from HYDRA LISTER and SKUGRID.  i just had another item that HYDRA LISTER listed the item for 21.99 on ebay but the URL SUPPLIER is priced at 37.97.  i never had thsi problem.  i am not sure what is going on?  i had to delete 288 items from EBAY since i knew what the supplier was.  

I've had the same issues. I had 2 people purchase a $85 item because it changed to $10 on eBay. Had to cancel those transactions. I'll be losing alot of money. What's going on? I didn't get any of the emails stating it was changed either.
on my items pages, its showing
Checking API keys.... for many hours. nothing shows up. none of my listing shows up


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