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SKU grid out of stock error

I'm having this problem where on Amazon it says the product is in stock but SKU Grid says the item is not. All my other listings are fine expect the items I list new. 

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I have the same problem. Over 500 of my listings now shows out of stock put each one that I check on Amazon happens to be in Stock. I'm loosing a lot of sales because of this. I've Opened a Ticket about this problem but Skugrid is not doing anything about it. No response so far from Skugrid.

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I've got the same problem today.

Same issue. Over 200 items out of stock in SKUGrid. Yet supplier sites as per link shows stock available. All happened in one hit overnight (3 days ago) and I cannot reset. As soon as I fix in my seller site inventory management, it simply overrides on next check through, and sets back to zero.  Does anyone know of any less problematic software than SKUGrid, that can actually do the job it is meant to do?

im having the same problem. thousands of items are being taken out of stock by sku grid and the supplier link from says its in stock. sent a lot of emails. no response yet

no one is replying same problem here

  Please just reply to Me !!!!!!!
I have just spent all day going through 200 listings out of 1000 checking and putting right all of the items which were put down to "0" for no reason by Sku Grid (Another 800 to go) Please tell me is it worth doing this or will they be up down to "0" again. And will they rectify by them self's when Sku Grid is fixed??? Please Please Reply

I have a problem...skugrid keeps relisting my items....please if someone can help... 

  I've Opened a Ticket about this problem but Skugrid is not doing anything about it. No response so far from Skugrid.10 days now

I get answer from SG:

Hi US-Outdoor-Deals,


Amazon is still not fully operational yet, but we are getting closer. They implemented their new AI anti-bot system and we are getting hit hard by it. All Amazon credits will be refunded. SG will be able to scrape Amazon just fine, it's just a matter of time.


I have the same problem and have to relist cost a lot money send a ticket has not been answer

I tried to start a new ticket oct 27th but sku grid wont let me start a new ticket so I am posting it on this previous ticket. This is a new problem and it started today oct 27, 2017.

Sku grid is taking all my items out of stock when they are in stock. There are thousands that are out of stock but the supplier is in stock. This happened a couple of weeks ago and now it is happening again.  I have been a loyal customer for years and this is killing my sales. Below are just a couple examples sku's there are thousands. This is a major problem please fix this and let me know you are working on it.

i think because of this problem with stock checking....SKU GRID need to cash back monthly payment for last month to all customers. We lost too much with this.

I just had to relist half my products on Ebay! Closing account!

I am facing this same problem right now. SG is zeroing all my items quantity on ebay and I am losing sales. The support team member is not doing any thing about the problem.

I need solution please

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