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Need Help with Hyrda Lister, Token Not Authorizing

When I go to connect ebay, it takes me to the ebay page, I hit agree and then i go back to the thunder list settings, none of the tokens populate. 

please help, thanks

Hey Ryan 

i had same problem yesterday, (i registered to SkuGrid as well)

so after getting 3 times error from hydra that key isn't right

i copied the info from skugrid and it's now work.

Hey Thanks for the response ! :)

Where do you get the Keys from ? which page has the information?

Hydra and skugrid actually have different sets of ebay keys and require 2 different authorizations.  For Hydra, please follow this video to get/reset your ebay keys. If needed, you may need to clear your browser history/cache and open an incognito/in private browser window in order to make it work for you as your browser may be remembering the error.  Please see video #1 in this list as it goes over how to get your keys -

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