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Items with Multiple Variation

Hi I have a question about and item with different color and sizes. How would I be able to input the different color and size one one listing?


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Thank you for contacting support. You can't.  Skugrid does not track and reprice multi variation listings on eBay and for amazon -- each variation has a unique ASIN number.  You would have an entry in skugrid for each ASIN as the reprice sku and you would be setting the supplier url as you have it and under the supplier url enter the variation name exactly how the supplier has it.  Once you come back to the grid, you can use the Show All Link under the variation name you typed in to check your work.  It will show you all possible variations and how they should be entered.  If you do not see what you have entered, then you should revise your skugrid entry otherwise your item will be put out of stock.  

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