Q: My Sku Grid is recognizing the updates but eCom Syndicator is not repricing, why?

A: Please follow instructions in the Ecom Syndicator complete setup guide - CLICK HERE

If repricing is not working, be sure to configure your eCom Syndicator account, log into ecom syndicator:

You'll need to create the CSV Channel; therefore, Sku Grid can send data to eCom Syndicator
1. Click on Settings
2. Click Create Marketplace
3. Select Type = Your Own CSV
4. Give it a Name
5. Click Save.

Be sure to create an eBay channel and link it to your CSV channel as indicated in the guide.
1. Click on Settings
2. Click Create Marketplace

3. Select your eBay selling country

4. For Sync Source select the CSV channel that you just created at this point.

5. Click connect and grant access on your eBay account

6. Save.

That will take care of things on the eCom Syndicator side. Then, you will need to go into Sku Grid to fix the rest.

Correct Your Add Ons Settings in Sku Grid
1. Log into Sku Grid
2. Go to Settings --> Add Ons --> eCom Syndicator
3. Delete your eCom Syndicator username & password then click Save.
4. Re-enter your eCom Syndicator username and password there 
5. You will want to check the box to Auto Create Items at eCom Syndicator, therefore, eCom Syndicator will be allowed to pull in your active items from eBay.  Please check this box.
6. Save
7. You should then see a Yellow alert that says "Free Tier Activated at eCom Syndicator.

Correct Your eBay Marketplace Settings
1. In Sku Grid, click on Settings --> Marketplaces --> eBay --> US
2. You selected eCom Syndicator from the drop down.
3. Change the option to Disabled to reset this.
4. Save.
5. Go back to it and select eCom Syndicator again.
6. At this point, you should see 2 drop downs under that -- one for a CSV channel and one for the eBay channel, select the CSV and eBay channel names that you created in eCom Syndicator
7. Scroll down and Save Settings.

Go back into your eCom Syndicator account, and make sure that you don't see a red "needs subscription error." You shouldn't but please check at this point. 

Give it some time, your items will start pulling into eCom Syndicator.  Once they do, you will need to go into Sku Grid and click Batch Options --> Force All to Update. You'll want to push all items to update to get them back on the right track. 

Note: If you want items to update after sales, you'll need to set up Orders Dash -- CLICK HERE