To integrate with, please go to your Amazon Marketplace Settings in Sku Grid and set Auto Update Amazon Stock = Yes and Auto Update Amazon Price = No.

Under Calculating Amazon's Selling Price, delete the long written formula there.  If you only want to pass along the supplier's price and shipping costs (with no additional markup) to Informed, then please type (vendor_price+vendor_shipping) as the formula.

Then under Integration, select Yes, to export In Stock Items to Informed.

Then select, what you want to use as the SKU on the csv file.  Most people are choosing ASIN or Amazon's Sku.  Make the best selection depending on your needs.

You will see a link next to CSV Link to enter in appear.  Copy that link. Save Settings.

Then go into your Informed account and go to Uploads.

Paste in the URL and select 1 hour as the frequency as and Save.

Sku Grid will then pass on your supplier costs for your in stock items to Informed.  Thanks