First, go to your marketplace settings in Sku Grid. Settings --> Marketplaces --> Click on Your Selling Marketplace --> Click on Your Selling Country. Click the button to Switch to Wizard View for the formula wizard. Enter your desired formula. Use Estimate Price to test the formula to make sure it is to your liking. Close out of the Estimator Pop Up. Click Close on the formula wizard. Scroll down and Save Settings. Then make sure you do not have override formulas on your items. Go to My Items --> Batch Options --> Remove All Per Item Formulas That will remove any override formulas. It is necessary to remove them as changes to your default formula do not apply to items that are overridden. Then finally, force reprice all of your items by going to My Items --> Batch Options --> Force All Items to Update Give it about an hour to start and longer to finish depending on number of items. Your prices should change according to your current supplier prices + your new default formula. **If you're using Sku Fetch, be sure to change your formula in your Sku Fetch Price Settings as well to match the new one you created in Sku Grid before you list again to prevent accidental overriding.