A few things might have happened. Sometimes you need to give it a little time for the credits to show up as it's not instant. Also, If you paid via Paypal, you should check your paypal receipt and see what the "funding source" was for your payment. If the funding source was your bank and PayPal did a bank draft/e-check, then PayPal takes 5 days to clear those payments. Sku Grid technically did not receive the funds yet so credits have not been issued. Another thing that could have happened is that you may have paid directly by credit/debit card using stripe as the payment processor and your bank cancelled the transaction for some reason. When that happens, your bank may still put a temporary hold on the funds, just like when you swipe the card at a store. But they cancelled the transaction and eventually the hold will go away. Again, sku grid is not in receipt of the payment so credits haven't been issued. You can check with your financial institution to see what's going on. If all else fails, please create a support ticket and include your Sku Grid username, paypal email address or email address used when you created the payment, the payment amount, transaction id number, and any relevant screenshots that you may have and we'll forward the info to management to look into it further.