Sku Grid now supports Bundled Items. Please see this tutorial guide -->>https://skugrid.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/5000823280-how-to-add-a-bundled-item-for-tracking-repricing-in-sku-grid 


Multi Packs are not natively supported. You'd have to add the item to your selling marketplace, add the item to sku grid and when overriding your item, you would create your formula as if it was 1 item and not 2 for example, then close out of the wizard, put a parentheses ( ) around the entire formula that is there and put *2 at the end -- if you're selling a 2 pack for example. Therefore, all values from your formula and the supplier price etc, is counted twice. Thanks

For example, let's say you listed this item https://www.walmart.com/ip/Nexxus-for-Normal-to-Dry-Hair-Shampoo-33-8-oz/10293801 it's $18.97 at the supplier + $5.99 shipping.  But walmart gives free shipping for orders $35 and higher.  So if you were to list a 2 pack of this item, supplier price would be $18.97x2 = $37.94 and your shipping would be free.

So you would list your 2 pack on your marketplace as you usually do.

Then add the item to Sku Grid as you normally would for a quantity of 1 of the item.

Then when you get to override the formula, you override it, just as if you were doing a quantity of 1 (see video on how to override an item - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-c6YeiwrIM , and in this case, you would set Include Supplier Shipping in Calculations to No because you're not going to want to factor in the $5.99 shipping since it's free.

So let's say that normally, I would do 10% for vendor tax, 0 for margin %, $3 for fixed margin, and $3 for minimum margin, and 15% for amazon fees.  This would give me enough money to pay up to 10% sales tax and my amazon fees, then make $3 profit to bring home. And I'm going to set Include Supplier Shipping in Calculations to No for this multipack.

That would look like this

You would then hit the Close Button.

When you do, the long formula will be shown in the Selling Price Formula Box.

That formula looks like this : ((min(max((vendor_price-(0-0.00001))*100000, 0), 1)*min(max(((99999999-0.00001)-vendor_price)*100000, 0), 1))*(((vendor_price)*(10/100+1)+(((vendor_price)*(10/100+1)*0/100+3)+3+abs(((vendor_price)*(10/100+1)*0/100+3)-3))/2+0)/((100-0-15)/100)))

But you're not done.

Since you're selling a quantity of 2 you need to multiply the entire formula by 2.

To do this you put a left parentheses ( at the beginning of the formula and a right parentheses at the end of it ) Then type *2  

(((min(max((vendor_price-(0-0.00001))*100000, 0), 1)*min(max(((99999999-0.00001)-vendor_price)*100000, 0), 1))*(((vendor_price)*(10/100+1)+(((vendor_price)*(10/100+1)*0/100+3)+3+abs(((vendor_price)*(10/100+1)*0/100+3)-3))/2+0)/((100-0-15)/100))))*2

Then when you test the formula, based on supplier price of $18.97, the selling price is high enough ($56.16) for me to sell 2 of this $18.97 item, pay fees, tax, and still make the profit that I wanted.

You'd click Ok on the wizard.

Update the item.

Then Force Reprice it.  Now the formula is accounting for a 2 pack of the item.