1. Go to Import/Export --> Export CSV to download a CSV file of your sku grid account and save it to your computer.

2. Import the file into Google Sheets -- We do not recommend Excel as it will mess up your item numbers and sku grid won't be able to read them.  So create a new spreadsheet in Google sheets then click on File --> Import and browse for the CSV that you just downloaded.

3. You will have to match find the new ebay item numbers for all of the old ones on the CSV and replace them in the reprice_sku column.

4. Delete all items out of your Sku Grid account (Advanced --> Delete All Items from Sku Grid)

5. On your Google Sheet, click File --> Download As --> CSV

6. Save that file to your computer and DO NOT open it in Excel.

7. Back in Sku Grid, go to Import/Export --> Import CSV

8. Browse for the revised file that you just downloaded and upload it to Sku Grid.

It will take some time to import them all, but, if done correctly, you'll have all of your new ebay item numbers attached to the correct supplier urls and Sku Grid can be tracking the correct item.