Yes, this is possible.

1. Go to Settings --> Remote API and generate a Sku Grid Remote Key and Save in your settings.

2. First make sure that you've fully configured your Sku Grid Lister account and know how to use it properly -

3. Export a Copy of Your Current Amazon Items from Sku Grid - Please see video on how to export CSV -

4. Open the CSV and go to the vendor_url column.  Those are the supplier urls that you will use to list to eBay using Sku Grid Lister.6. You could copy the supplier urls and add them to the batch lister or you can use the spreadsheet to work off of and list items individually if you want.

5. It's a best practice that for items that have an entry in the vendor_variant column, that you list them individually using Quick Lister so that you can select the appropriate variation, change title, images, and descriptions, etc. to match the variation being listed.  You can designate the variation when batching, by adding a semicolon ; to the end of the supplier url followed by the variation... but the problem will come in that you could be posting more than 1 of a particular item since they have variations and ebay will flag them as duplicates because you've not edited the titles, images and descriptions to be different and to match the variation you intended to list, so ebay will think they are the same item.