Remember that with Amazon there is no need to enter a variation.  Just be sure to use the correct ASIN in the URL for the variation.  Each variation has a unique ASIN.  To find the correct ASIN to use, go to the offers page (in this case on the offers page, you click on the variation or select it and notice how when you make different selections, the ASIN in the URL changes.  That would be the correct ASIN to use.  So with this example, you're already using the correct ASIN ~Correct ASIN~.  Then simply take the correct ASIN and format as a URL (in this case and then you do not enter a supplier variation.  The ASIN is specific to the variation you're listing.  So to fix your item, you'll need to edit the entry in skugrid, delete the incorrect variation name that you've typed in and set your URL to and set the amazon pricing option that you want. Do a recheck ASAP on the item and then Force Reprice it.