This item is seen as out of stock as it has an extended delivery time frame.  If sku grid can calculate that the item will take longer than 7 day handling time + approximately 6 days for standard shipping = 13 days, then the item would be considered out of stock.  

If you want to bypass this, Developers have added a feature that allows you to individually set items to allow a long handling/freight shipping time in which the normal 13 day max requirement is ignored. You can find it when you add or edit an item in the grid, and scroll down to the bottom. You may need to do a Recheck Asap on an item to get it to read correctly after you change an existing item to this option. Then force reprice, if necessary. The feature was included because people sometimes list items that have a long delivery window or are freight shipping and show an estimated delivery date that is more than 13 days away.  By default, sku grid considers them out of stock.  So if you prefer to keep such items in stock you can turn on this function, but understanding that if you're not listing your items with appropriate handling/shipping time expectations, it may result in loss in performance standards and buyer dissatisfaction on ebay or amazon as the item would take abnormally long to get to them.