Importing from the Amazon Marketplace

In Sku Grid, go to Import/Export --> Import From Marketplace --> Click the button to import your items from the marketplace that you list on.

New items that are imported will be paused, allowing you time to edit the supplier urls and unpause them. This is the easiest method for getting your items into skugrid (importing directly from marketplace, then simply click Edit on each item, and put in the correct supplier url, then set Pause Repricing to No and move on to the next). If you prefer the more complex approach through CSV you would continue with the following steps instead.

...Continued Steps if you choose to use CSV.


1. Next, click on Import/Export, click on Export CSV.  Proceed to download your CSV file.

2. Do NOT use Microsoft Excel as it changes your item numbers. It is preferred for you to open your CSV in Google Sheets or Libre Office -- both of which are free.

3. Edit your supplier urls in the vendor_url column.  Add the variation in the vendor_variant column (if applicable, otherwise leave it blank)

4. Change reprice_pause to 0 (this will unpause any paused items)

5. All of your other information was already pre-filled.

6. Do a File --> Save As --> to save this as a new CSV on your computer (be sure the file type is CSV)

7. Go to Sku Grid and click on Advanced --> Purge All Items.  This will Delete ALL of your items from Sku Grid

8. Click on Import/Export and choose Import From CSV.  Browse for your newly saved CSV and Upload the document.

9. Your items from the CSV will be imported into Sku Grid.  It will take some time for the upload to finish and for all items to update.