In this tutorial, we will go over how to get or refresh your eBay Keys. Your eBay keys are not valid forever. They expire after 18 months, or if you happen to change your eBay username or password, they may become invalid. Occassionally, Sku Grid may ask you to reset your eBay Keys.

When logged in to Sku Grid, please navigate to Settings. Click on Marketplaces. Click on eBay. Click on the US or UK Button depending on the platform you are selling on. Click the link that says "Get your keys Here". You will receive a prompt that says "You are being redirected, all unsaved settings will be lost". Click OK. Click the link to be redirected to eBay for Authentication. You will be prompted to log into eBay. Log in using your eBay username and password. Read over the terms and click Agree to authorize the application. It will then tell you that you can close the eBay tab. Close it. You'll be back on the Sku Grid Tab. Click the link that says "Done ? Check your settings" That will put you back at your General Settings. Click on the Marketplaces Tab again. Click on eBay. Click on US or UK. Your eBay keys should now be filled and if you had any error messages in Red, they should be clear now. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save Settings.