Once you're logged in to Sku Grid, on your My Items tab, take a look at the Reprice Item Column.The Reprice Item Column will display a link to your item on the selling platform you're listing on.

Under that, it will display "Last Call". Last Call is the date and time that Sku Grid last calculated that it needed to make a change to your item on either eBay or Amazon. It will display the selling price that was calculated and Stock = 0 or 1. If Stock = 0, then it means that it was determined that your item should be out of stock or ended. If Stock = 1, then it means that Sku Grid has determined that your listing should be active at that time. 

The Date Updated Column will display a date and time that Sku Grid last needed to make a change to your item. While Last Call and Date Updated are very similar, there might be some differences in the dates due to failsafes cutting on and off, whether or not you're using Safe or Super Safe Repricing, and also based on your other marketplace settings. 

But we want to make one very big distinction. Neither Last Call nor Date Updated mean the last time your item was "checked". As stated in our guide/video about email notifications and repricing, Sku Grid is actually checking on all supplier links approximately every 30 minutes and recording information. But the official check and repricing for your item will occur at the checker time you set in your General Settings. The Last Time and item was checked will actually appear under the History link for the item.