Some sellers would prefer to manually adjust their eBay or Amazon Pricing and have Sku Grid only control their inventory. If this is the case, then you would want to create a Fixed Price formula when overriding the item. With a Fixed Price formula set, if the supplier price changes, your prices will never change. They will remain fixed until you come back in and edit the override that you've created. This tends to allow more control over pricing while still allowing Sku Grid to control your stock. 

If you want to set a fixed price on an item, click Edit on the item in the grid and that will take you to the Add Item Form. (Note: You can also follow these same steps when adding individual items to the grid). Then scroll down to the bottom to the repricing section.and click Override Default Selling Formula

Then instead of using the wizard to have Sku Grid create the formula for you, simply type in the price that you want your listing to stay listed at. Let's say, that you want this particular listing to be listed at a price for example of $89.99. You would just type 89.99 in the Selling Price Formula Box. This tells Sku Grid to keep your item at this price and never change it, even if the supplier price goes up or down.  Your price will remain fixed until you edit the item again when you're ready and change the override formula to another price. 

Then you can click Update Item. When you return to the grid, you'll want to click Force Reprice so that the change takes effect sooner rather than later. Please note that the concept for doing this is the same for both eBay and Amazon sellers.