There are 2 different ways that variation items need to be added into Sku Grid. This largely depends on the supplier. If the supplier URL changes when you select a variation on their product page, then you do not need to enter variations for that particular supplier. If the supplier URL does not change when you select a variation on their product page, then you do need to enter the variation. Variations have to be entered correctly, otherwise, you can end up with inaccurate pricing and stock. 

First, we'll show you how to add a variation for a supplier in which the URL changes when you make a selection. Take a look at a Home Depot item or Amazon Item. When you select the variation, notice the URL and the item number / ASIN in the URL. Now if you select different color or size, notice how the URL changes. For stores like this, when the URL changes when you select a variation, you just need to use the correct variation and add the item to Sku Grid as you normally would. 

Now, let's take a look at an item from Walmart. Observe the URL and notice how when you click a different variation option (color, size and etc) , the URL does not change. For stores like this, it is necessary to input the supplier variation when adding the item to Sku Grid. 

Once you're logged into Sku Grid, and you're on the My Items page, click Add Item. Begin by entering the reference id that helps you easily identify the item. You can type anything here or nothing at all. It's optional. 

Next, add the supplier URL, be sure to eliminate any extra information at the end of the URL usually starting with the question mark ? on down as it is unnecessary tracking information that can affect how Sku Grid tracks your item. Copy the URL, Paste it into the Supplier URL field. If you get another drop down under that that says "Select Option", be sure to select the right pricing option that you want to use. For example, we'll select Walmart Only (default) IF Walmart is selling the item. For the Supplier Variation, we're going to render the variation exactly how the supplier has it. If entered incorrectly, the item will be misread and possibly priced incorrectly or put out of stock. Let's say that we're listing Celery color. We will type Celery here exactly as Walmart is showing it to us. If you want to use Compare Item URLs, enter your compare item URL next or you can skip it as it is an optional feature. 

Select your Reprice Marketplace which is the marketplace that you are selling on. Then enter the Reprice SKU. If you're selling on eBay, then it will be your eBay item number or if you are selling on Amazon, it will be the ASIN for your listing. Override your default selling formula if you want your pricing structure to be different than your default; otherwise, scroll down and click Add Item.

You will be returned to the newly added item in the grid. You will notice that the variation name that you entered is under the Supplier URL in the Supplier Item column. To check your work and make sure you've entered the variation correctly, click the Show All link under the variation name. This will display a drop down menu showing you all possible variations on the item. If what you typed is not listed in the drop down exactly as shown, then you should edit the entry in sku grid and correct the variation name that you entered.

Now let's take a look at this last example. Note if you have an item with 2 parts variation. Sometimes you have to select more than one variation in order to add an item to cart. For this item, you must select for example both a size and color. If this is the case, when entering the variation in Sku Grid, you will need to enter the first variation name followed by a vertical line and then the second variation name and so on. 

Now we will demonstrate this process. So we'll click Add Item again. Enter the reference id of your choice. Copy and paste in the supplier URL. Select the appropriate pricing option. Enter the supplier variation. For this example, let's say we are listing Queen size Blue Medallion sheets. We have to enter the variation exactly as shown, color first. So we'll type Blue Medallion|Queen. Enter your compare item URL if you'd like to use that feature, otherwise, skip it. Select the Reprice Marketplace that you are selling on. Enter your Reprice Sku (again, if you're selling on eBay, this is your eBay item number or if you're selling on Amazon, this is your ASIN number). If you need to override your pricing and create a custom formula, you can do so. Otherwise, just scroll down and click Add Item. Once you're returned to the grid, check your work by clicking the Show All link under the variation name in the grid. Make sure that what you typed for the variation is listed exactly as shown, otherwise, edit your item to correct it.