When you are logged into Sku Grid and on the My Items Tab, simply click Add Single Item and fill in the information in the resulting fields. 

Type in your reference ID.  Many Amazon Sellers like to put their SKU number here, but you can make this whatever you'd like. Enter your supplier url and supplier variation (if any).

Then you'd go down to the Compare to Item Link section. Start by entering your Amazon URL for the Compare to Item Link. Stop after the ASIN.Then add a forward slash  / Question Mark m Equals (?m=), then copy and paste your Merchant ID after the equal sign.  

If you don't know where your merchant ID is, you can look on your Sku Grid Marketplace Settings for Amazon in another tab for quick reference. Adding this inform to the end of your Amazon URL, allows you to tag the URL to you as a seller and tells Sku Grid to only display your current price and stock on the grid, regardless of who has the Buy Box. For Select Option, select Lowest New from the drop down menu. This will allow you (as a 3rd party seller) to display your price and stock on the grid. Otherwise, Sku Grid could be excluding you. 

Then you'd go down, set your Reprice Marketplace and Country you are selling on (Example: Amazon US or Amazon UK). For the Reprice Sku, you'd enter the ASIN.  Be sure not to have any white space before or after the ASIN. Set Pause Repricing to No. (Turning off ability to keep skugrid from changing your amazon prices will be discussed in another video), but if you want skugrid to be able to change anything, the items must not be paused, you will be returned to the My Item Tab where you will see your item information in the grid.