SkuGrid communicates with different applications such as eBay listing tools or Hydra-lister using a remote API key. In order the two softwares to communicate , you'll have to save your remote key in both places. Here is how to generate your Sku Grid remote key so that you will be able to integrate Sku Grid with other applications such as Hydra Lister.

Once logged into SkuGrid , click on Settings, go to Remove API and then click on Generate New .This will generate a new Sku Grid remote key.  Save the settings : 

This is very important as often people generate their remote key and paste it into another application, but they forget to save it into Sku Grid. It is essential that the same Remote key be saved into Sku Grid and your listing software application. After you save the settings, you can copy the entire Sku Grid remote key ( making sure not to copy any extra blank/white space ) and paste it into your third-party application.

If for some reason your third-party application stops communicating with Sku Grid - For example : You are using Hydra lister and your listings are not exporting into Sku Grid , then simply repeat these steps to generate, save and replace your Sku Grid remote key.