1. Log into Sku Fetch at https://app.skufetch.com 

2. Under Workspace Settings, click on List & Export

3. Click on the Export tab

4. If you've logged into Sku Fetch via the Login via Sku Grid button, then your Export to Sku Grid option should already be set to On and your Sku Grid Remote Key should already be filled in.

The next option is Export Compare Items. You can leave this option set to Off. Please note that even if you turn this option on, the compare item urls will not export over to your Sku Grid account, as we do not export compare item urls for the Shopify Marketplace.  Everyone's store is different and it would not be possible for Sku Grid to be able to scrape them consistently on the front end.

5. If you're also using Check My Profits, you can enable it and enter your Check My Profits credentials. 

6. Once done, click Save.