Sku Grid can now track and reprice bundled items that you have for sale on your selling marketplace. The process shown below is for an eBay item, but it will be the same no matter what marketplace you sell on with the exception of you would select a different marketplace and use your correct marketplace id number instead of an eBay item number when adding/editing your item. Sku Grid will combine the supplier prices for the items in your bundle and your listing pricing will be based off of that. If one of the urls in your bundle goes OOS, then your entire listing will be treated as OOS. 

Do You Need to List Bundled Items with Sku Fetch and Automatically Export them to Sku Grid --> Check Out the Video -->> CLICK HERE


1. Your item should already be listed on your selling marketplace.

2. Gather the supplier urls that make up the items in your bundle and have them ready to input into Sku Grid.

3. Log into Sku Grid and click Add Single Item

4. You will receive a pop up that will allow you to enter the essential information to get your item tracking and repricing in Sku Grid.

5. Fill in your Reference ID. This can be anything that you want to use for your reference that can help you easily find and locate the item in the grid. Then click the Bundle button.

6. You will receive a new popup that will allow you to enter all of the URLs that are part of your bundle.

7. Enter your first supplier url of your bundle into the Supplier URL box. If your supplier has a pricing option that you would need to select, you'll get a drop down that says Select Option. Make your selection there.  If the supplier has a variation, then you would need to click Fetch Variation List and select the variation that you're using in this particular bundle. If the supplier does not have a variation, then you would not need to click that button.

8. Next, is the Combine Shipping option.  By default, it is set to Yes, but if you're listing items from the same supplier and the combined price of the items in your bundle would cause you to exceed the supplier's free shipping threshold, you would want to set this option to No so that the shipping would not be scraped as part of the bundle.  Otherwise, leave it set to Yes so that Sku Grid still scrapes the shipping.

9. Click the Add button to add a new line for you to enter your supplier information for item #2 of your bundle. 

10. Add in all of the information for your supplier url #2 and click the Add button if you need to add another supplier url or just click Save if you are done adding items to your bundle.

11. Once you've saved the bundle information for your supplier urls, you'll see the word Bundle and a unique number in the supplier's item link field.

12. Continue to fill in the rest of the information to add your item to Sku Grid, the way that you normally would. If you are unclear on how to add an item into Sku Grid, please see this video - or consult the quick start training guides for your specific selling marketplace, located on the Trainings Tab of Sku Grid.

13. At a minimum, you'll need to scroll down and select your selling marketplace and enter your eBay item number/marketplace id. All other options are optional. Then click Update Item.

14. Once the screen refreshes, you'll see your bundled item on the grid.  It is very likely that you will not see price or stock shown on the grid just yet. In many cases, the title or image will not show. It largely depends on if sku grid has already scraped the supplier urls that are in your bundle before (meaning someone else has them in their grid exactly as you do). If not, they will show with no price/stock until Sku Grid scrapes them. So please allow time for that to happen. 

15. Once Sku Grid has scraped and checked the item, you'll notice your combined supplier price shown on the grid and the stock should update.  The stock will only be shown as OOS if one of your supplier urls in the bundle is OOS.  

16. To view the urls in your bundle, click the words "Bundle Item" for this entry.

17. You will get a pop up box that displays the urls in your bundle. They are clickable links to your supplier items.  The price and stock of each is shown. You can close the pop up when you're done viewing.

18. If you ever need to edit the urls in your bundle, just click Edit on the entry in Sku Grid. Then click the Edit Bundle button. 

19.  From there, you can add or edit any of your bundled urls and continue editing your item.  Then update your item, do a Recheck ASAP on it and Force Reprice.