You now have ability to add Virtual Assistants to your Orders Dash account.  You'll be able to assign different access levels to your Virtual Assistants.  The VA will be able to view and manage your order information in Orders Dash based on the permissions you give them.

To Enable VA Access in Orders Dash:

1. If your VA does not already have a Sku Grid account, they can create a free trial account at Sku Grid. Payment will not be required. They will not need to set up or do any configuration to the account except for the following.

2. Your VA should log into their newly created Sku Grid account and go to Settings --> Add Ons --> Orders Dash

3. Next, they will click Auto Create Account For Me.

4. Once the account has been auto created, the VA will see that their Orders Dash username will be the same as their Sku Grid username. Under the Username, the Password is already filled in, but hidden.  They can click the Show Password link if they ever need to view it.  Directly below that, will be a link that they can use to log directly into Orders Dash using the username and password saved there. All they have to do here is click Save Settings.

5. Ask your VA to provide you with their Orders Dash Username.

6. You can then log into your own Orders Dash Account.

7. Click on Assistants --> My Assistants.  Then click the Add Assistants button.

8. Search for your VA's Orders Dash username in the Assistants field and select it.  Next select their Role.  There are 2 Roles to choose from.

  • Full Data Access
  • Full Account Access

Full Data Access will allow your VA to be able to access your order information and maintain it.  They will not be able to access your settings or make changes to them.  Whereas, Full Account Access allows access to all of your order information as well as your settings, except for Sku Grid Remote API Key and ability to Add/Remove VAs or change their Roles.  Those settings are hidden from the VA.

Once done, click Save.

9. Once saved, you'll see the VA's information on screen, as well as the role assigned and when they where created.  From there, you'll have ability to Update or Delete them.

10. If you ever need to manage your VAs, all you'd need to do is go back to Assistants --> My Assistants.  You'll see all of the VAs that you've added to your Orders Dash account. 

You'll be able to Add Assistants if you need to add additional team members.

Next to each entry for the assistants, there will be an Eye Icon, a Pencil Icon and a Trash Can Icon.

  • The Eye Icon is used to view the assistants current information and role.
  • The Pencil Icon can be used to change the username of the VA or change their assigned Role.
  • The Trash Can Icon can be used to delete the VA from your account and remove their permissions.


How the VA Will Need to Access Your Account

1. The VA can log into Orders Dash or they can click the link to Log In directly from their Sku Grid account under Settings --> Add Ons --> Orders Dash.

2.. Once logged in, the VA can click on Assistants --> Management.

There will be a row for each of their Orders Dash Clients.

3. Click the User Icon next to the client that you want to view.

4. Under App Frontend, click the Login button.

5. Once logged in, your VA will get a pop up window showing them your Orders Dash account.  They will only have the permissions that you assigned to them based on the Role that was set during setup. Once the VA is done working on your account, they can exit out of this pop up window and log out of Orders Dash.