If you have Virtual Assistants working within your Sku Grid account, you can provide them with access to your Sku Grid account, without them having to use your login information.  You will be able to allow them different levels of permission as well.

To Enable VA Access:

1. Have your virtual assistant create a free trial account at Sku Grid (no payment is required). They do not have to set up or configure that account.

2. Once your VA has created their account, ask them to go to Settings --> Remote API and to provide you with their Sku Grid Remote API Key.

3. Once they have provided you with their Sku Grid Remote API Key, log into your own Sku Grid Account and go to Settings --> VA Access.

4. Click Add VA.

5. Paste in the Sku Grid Remote API Key that your VA provided you and select their VA Role.  Then click Save.

Note: There are 3 VA Roles to choose from:

  • All is open to VA
  • Open only '/web/grid' page
  • Open only '/web/grid' page (read only)

If All is open to VA is selected, the VA will have access to your entire Sku Grid account and will have all of the abilities that you do, such as: viewing the grid, adding/deleting items, adding/removing formulas, changing all settings, etc.

If Open only 'web/grid' page is selected, the VA will have no access to your settings.  They will; however, be able to view your grid, add and edit items, formulas, and perform any functions on the grid.

If Open only '/web/grid' page (read only) is selected, the VA will only have ability to view and search your grid.  They will not be able to add items, change formulas, or view any settings.  They also would not be able to import/export any items.

6. Once saved, you will see a yellow alert letting you know that your Virtual Assistant Settings were saved. At anytime, you can go back to your VA Access tab of your settings and delete a VA, change their role, or add additional VAs with their own role assigned.

7. Your VA will simply log in to Sku Grid using their own Sku Grid account that they created and they will able to view and manipulate your grid according to the role that you assigned to them.