In order for Sku Grid to connect to your WooCommerce site, you'll need to obtain your API Keys.

1. Log into the dashboard of your WooCommerce Site. Click on WooCommerce.

2. Click Settings

3. Click Advanced

4. Click REST API

5. Click Add Key

6. For Description type Sku Grid. For Permissions select Read/Write. Click Generate API Key.

7. Copy your Consume key and Consume Secret Key and save to a notepad for future use. Once you navigate from this page, you will no longer have access to these keys and would have to revoke access and then go through the process to get new keys again.

8. Log into your Sku Grid account - Click Settings--> Marketplaces --> WooCommerce

9. Click on the Country you are selling on.

10. You will see an alert that Your WooCommerce keys are incorrect or not set. There's instruction there to go and get your keys (which you've already done in the previous steps.

11. Type in your WooCommerce Store URL and paste in your WooCommerce Consumer Key and WooCommerce Secret Key that you generated previously.

12.  Scroll down and click Save Settings.

13. You will see a yellow alert that your Settings were saved. You've now successfully connected Sku Grid to your WooCommerce store.