Your General Repricer settings are settings that help to both protect you from selling unstable items and also from selling items that are priced below your supplier costs.

1. Log into Sku Grid at

2. Click Settings

3. Click General Repricer. Make your General Repricer Settings selections. Each option is described below.

Safe Repricing: If you turn on this settings, if your supplier goes OOS and then comes back in stock, Sku Grid has to wait until the item has been in stock again for a full 24 hrs before it is allowed to revise your item to an in stock status.  If your supplier price decreases, then your new selling price cannot be less than 60% of the average selling price over the last 3 days. Otherwise, it would not change your price. This helps with drastic price drops that might be due to a supplier glitch.

Super Safe Repricing: This is the same as Safe Repricing, except in the way that it handles price decreases. With Super Safe Repricing, Sku Grid will check to see that the new selling price is not less than the average price over the last 24 hours. Otherwise, it will not make the change.

Note: You should only use Safe Repricing or Super Safe Repricing, not both. Or you can choose to use None at all and leave both set to Off.

Prevent Items From Being Repriced Below Current Vendor Price: By default, most people would want to leave this option set to Yes to avoid being priced below your supplier price. However, there are some situations where you want lower prices. If you're a person that sets negative margins due to cash back, coupons, etc, then you would want to set this option to Yes.

4. Once done, click the blue Save Settings button.