Your store specific settings are settings that apply to certain suppliers (Amazon, Sears and Kmart at this time). These settings tell Sku Grid which price/stock it should take when this supplier is used since they have several merchants often selling on the same item.

1. Log into Sku Grid -

2. Click Settings

3. Click Store Specific

4. Click Amazon

5.  Please see the notice in red. While you are selecting an Amazon pricing option here, the items have to also be set individually when adding them to the grid. If you ever have an intention on using the Buy Box pricing option, you will need to set it both in the store specific settings as well as individually on your items. There is a link on your Amazon Store Specific settings page that goes to a more in-depth explanation of all options available. Click that link on the page to learn more, if needed.

6. For the Amazon Country that you use as a supplier, select the pricing option that you would like to use.  Then click the blue Save Settings button.

7. You'll see a yellow alert letting you know that your settings were saved successfully.

8. Click on Store Specific again. Then Sears/Kmart.

9. For both Sears and Kmart, there are only 2 pricing options to choose from.  Lowest - meaning the lowest priced seller on the item or Buy Box - meaning the price and stock that displays as soon as the product page is loaded.  They can swap different sellers into and out of the buy box at any time. However, if you're looking to only have prices/stock based on Sears or Kmart and not their 3rd party merchants, then it would be best to select Buy Box as they tend to put themselves into the buy box as much as possible. However, it is still possible that a 3rd party merchant gets moved into the buy box at anytime. 

10. Once done, click the blue Save Settings button.