1. Log into Sku Grid - https://skugrid.com

2. Click Settings or from any page of settings, you can click the General button.

3. Select an option for each of your General Settings which will be explained below.

Check Supplier Item Every: This is how often you want Sku Grid to check your supplier items for changes.  Note: You will only be able to change this setting if you are on a credit based (Guru) subscription plan or on a trial. SG Simplified, Advanced and Advanced Priority subscription plans are item based and have a fixed amount of time that suppliers can be checked (3 hrs for Simplified and Advanced and 1 hour for Advanced Priority). If you are on an item based subscription plan, this option will be grayed out.

How Many Items to Display Per Page?: This option allows you to determine how many of your items are shown on the grid at one time. Higher numbers do lead to longer times loading and searching the grid.

Stretch Grid to Full Screen: This option allows you to stretch the width of the grid to fit your screen.  This helps to prevent you from having to scroll left and right to view the entire width of the grid.

Vacation Mode: This option allows you to turn Vacation Mode on or off.  Select No to turn off Vacation Mode or Yes to turn on Vacation Mode.  If you turn on Vacation Mode, Sku Grid will not check your supplier items, will not revise any price or stock, and will not send email notifications. Credit usage would stop. However, any recurring billing payments that you have would remain unless you cancel them through PayPal or Stripe directly.

Maximum Days Before Dispatch at Supplier: Sku Grid will estimate and determine how long it will take a supplier to ship a product either based on the dispatch/handling time shown on their product page, or based on the estimated delivery dates shown on the products. This setting allows you to determine how long is an acceptable supplier dispatch/handling time overall.  It is defaulted to 7 days. If it is estimated that it would take a supplier longer than that to ship out your items, then the item will show "Long Dispatch" on the grid and Sku Grid will treat it as out of stock. This setting can be controlled both globally here in your settings and individually per item.

Show the following columns in table: Clicking this link will allow you to select or de-select the columns that display on your grid. 

4. Once you're finished configuring your General Settings, click the blue Save Settings button.