In order to list without API Access, you will need to install the Drop Ship Supplier Scraper Chrome Extension -

Then you'll need to instruct Sku Fetch to use eBay Selling Manager and not any of the other listing tools that we integrate with.

1. Log into Sku Fetch at 

2. Click on List & Export settings on the left. You will arrive on the Lister tab. Here you will be changing the lister for Single Fetch and Big Product Fetch.  Unfortunately, at this time, you will not be able to batch list without using a tool that uses API Access.

3. For Select Lister for Single Fetch and Select Lister for Big Product Fetch, change the selection to Ebay Selling Manager via Chrome Lister.

4. Next, fill in the details about your Item Location for both Single Fetch and Big Product Fetch.  This will include selecting the appropriate Country, Zip Code (aka Postal Code) and City & State. Then select the Domain which is the eBay country platform that you are selling on.  This is important so that when processing your listings, you are redirected to the correct eBay site to list.

5. Once you're done, click Save.

6. You will see a green alert stating "Lister settings successfully saved!" Now you've successfully set Sku Fetch to send your product information to eBay Selling Manager using the Drop Ship Supplier Scraper chrome extension.