In order to list the items that you retrieve from Sku Fetch, you'll need to connect your Sku Fetch account to Wise Lister.

1. Log into Sku Fetch at and click on List & Export under Workspace Settings.

2. Also, in another browser tab, log into your Wise Lister account at and click on My Account. Copy your Wise Lister Remote Key and go back to your Sku Fetch tab in your browser.

3. In Sku Fetch, be sure that you've selected Wise Lister as the lister for Single Fetch, Batch Fetch and Big Product Fetch and paste in your Wise Lister Remote Key under all three. Be sure that you're not copying any extra white space before or after the remote key.

4. Click Get Marketplaces under all 3 listers and select the Shopify Marketplace that you're selling on. Once you're done, click Save.

5. You will see a green alert saying that "Lister settings successfully saved!". From here you can move on to configure your Export settings.