1. Log into Wise Lister at https://list.wiselister.com.

2. Click on My Marketplaces. In the WooCommerce box, click on Settings.

3.  Fill in your Default Settings.

Quantity: This is the default listing quantity of your item.

Status: This is the status that you want your listing to be in once posted to WooCommerce. Published means that, once posted, the item will be live and available for sale on your WooCommerce website.  Pending Review means that your item will be in an unpublished state, pending the review of you or your site editor. Draft means that the item is published, but in draft mode. It is not available to the public for sale yet. Typically, you would want to list items with a Published status.

Catalog Visibility: This option determines where the product will be visible on your WooCommerce site. Shop and Search Results means that the item will be visible both on your shop page and within search results on your site. Shop Only means that the item will be visible in your shop and not in search results. Search Results Only means that the item will be visible only in your search results, but not visible as a product on your shop page. Hidden means that the item will only be visible on the back end of your website. It would not be visible on the shop page or in search results.

Allow Backorders:  This option allows you either allow or not allow customers to purchase products on the front end of your store when your item is out of stock. By default, this is set to Do Not Allow. Other options are Allow, But Notify Customer which would allow the customer to purchase out of stock items, but they would be notified that the item is on backorder or Allow which would mean that you're allowing backorders on the item.

Sold Individually: This option, if enabled, allows customer to only purchase one item per order. By default this is set to No.

Enable Reviews: This option allows you to enable or disable WooCommerce product review space on your products.  This will allow the customer to be able to leave feedback on their purchases.

Tax Status: This option allows you to set the tax status of your items. None means that you're not going to be collecting sales tax on the item. Taxablemeans that you're collecting sales tax on the item. Shipping Only means that you're collecting sales tax on the cost that you've set for shipping the item only. You should check with your local, state and federal governments regarding applicable tax laws and regulations.

Tax Class: This option allows you to set the tax class for your items.  Standard will just accept the standard sales tax rates from your WooCommerce settings. Reduced Rate will set your sales tax rates based on the reduced rates that you've entered in your WooCommerce settings.  Zero Rate would mean that you're not charging a sales tax rate on the item.

Click Save.

4. Once saved, you'll see a green alert stating that "Settings .successfully saved".

5. Click Switch Marketplace.

6. Select WooCommerce.

7. Select the Country you are selling on. Then click Save.

8. Once saved, you'll receive a green alert stating "Country saved successfully."  You'll also see that your current marketplace (WooCommerce) is selected and that you now have Settings for WooCommerce available for this marketplace (you've already configured them in the previous steps).