1. Log into Sku Fetch at https://app.skufetch.com 

2. Under Workspace Settings, click on List & Export

3. Click on the Export tab

4. If you've logged into Sku Fetch via the Login via Sku Grid button, then your Export to Sku Grid option should already be set to On and your Sku Grid Remote Key should already be filled in.

The next option is Export Compare Items. Turn this option to On if you want to export compare item urls to Sku Grid so that your current price and stock display on the grid and your estimated profit shows correctly. Set this option to Off if you do not want to export compare item urls.

The compare item urls that get exported to Sku Grid will automatically be tagged with your Amazon merchant ID and will automatically have the #skuopt:lowestnew tag so that the URL exports to Sku Grid correctly and you won't have to go back to edit it.  Please note that if you are a new seller and Amazon shows you as "Just Launched" or you have less than 10 feedbacks, your current price and stock will likely still not show on Sku Grid until you have more than 10 feedback ratings. For more information on compare item urls for Amazon sellers, please CLICK HERE to see the video.

Please also note that if you're on a credit based subscription with Sku Grid, compare item urls do double product checking credits used.

5. If you're also using Check My Profits, you can enable it and enter your Check My Profits credentials.

6. Once done, click Save.