1. Log into Wise Lister at https://list.wiselister.com

2. Under Global Settings click on Filters & Formatting.
3. Here you have the option to enable VERO Protection. This is more relevant for eBay sellers, but you still have ability to filter out brands that are on eBay's published vero list.  If you enable this option and you try to list a brand that is on eBay's VERO list, then the item would be prevented from posting. Choose On to enable this feature or Off to disable this feature.

Next is Blocked Brands. Here you can enter names of companies or even keywords that if a supplier item contains these keywords or phrases, your item would be prevented from posting. It is case sensitive. 

Special note for those selling on Amazon: For an Amazon Seller, one practical use would be to enter brands that you know you have not been ungated to sell yet. 

For everyone else, you can enter any words or brands that you know will result in violations or issues on your selling marketplace. 

Once you're done with these settings, click Save.