1. Log into Wise Lister at https://list.wiselister.com.

2. Click on My Marketplaces.

3. You should have already created your Amazon Marketplace and saved your API keys.  On the box for your Amazon Marketplace, click on the link for Settings.

4. Quantity - is the default quantity that you want to list with. This can be changed individually per item when listing single items. If not changed or when batch listing, your default quantity from here will be used.  Enter your default quantity.

Product ID Type - Choose ASIN

Condition Type - this is the condition of the items that you are listing.  Select New or whatever your preference here.  This is your default setting. You will be able to change the selection for individual items. If not         changed or when batch listing, this default setting will be used.

Click Save.

5. Once saved, you'll see a green alert stating that "Settings successfully" saved. Click Switch Marketplace.

6. Select Amazon.

7. Select the Country you're listing on. Then click Save.

8. Once saved, you'll receive a green alert stating "Country saved successfully."  You'll also see that your current marketplace (Amazon) and listing country are selected and that you now have Batch/Quick Lister Settings available for this marketplace (you've already configured them in step 4 above).