1. Log into your Wise Lister account https://list.wiselister.com.

2. Click on My Marketplaces.

3. Click Create then click on Amazon.

4. Select the Amazon Country that you are selling on. Then click Create.

5. You will then see a large box under the Marketplaces tab that says Amazon. Click the API Keys link.

6. You will see a notice that says "Please authorize the following developer ID at Amazon and copy MWS Auth Token with Merchant ID and Marketplace ID back to Wise Lister." The developer ID shown to you may be different depending on which country platform you're listing on. The Developer ID for US, CA, and MX is 8922-1354-9117 and for the GB Marketplaces it is 6825-4217-9372.

7. In order to authorize the application, you will need to log into your Seller Central account and go to User Permissions to add Wise Lister as a developer by going to Settings --> User Permissions --> Third Party Developer and Apps --> Visit Manage Your Apps --> Authorize New Developer to complete this process. Once you have obtained your MWS Auth Token for Wise Lister and have the rest of your Amazon keys, paste them into your Wise Lister API Settings. Be sure that you are not copying and pasting any extra white space before or after any of your keys.  Click Save once done.

8. You will see a green alert that says "Amazon Keys Successfully Saved."