1. Log into Wise Lister at https://list.wiselister.com

2. Under Settings for Bonanza click on Batch/Quick Lister Settings

3. You'll then be looking at your Batch/Quick Lister Settings for Bonanza. These settings apply to all items as you list them unless you change it individually prior to listing or here in your settings prior to listing a batch.  We will explain the settings fields below.

4. The first section is called Default Values.

  • Quantity - This is the default quantity for your listings that you sell on Bonanza.  For example, if you want to list everything with a default quantity of 5, enter 5 here.  However, please note that the default quantity can either be changed in your settings or individually as you list items but before you post them.

  • Category - We recommend using Bonanza's Best Match here.  This will allow Bonanza to "Guess your category" just as if you were manually listing on Bonanza.  Keep in mind, this is Bonanza determining your listing category and not Wise Lister. If it's incorrect after posting, then you'll need to edit that on Bonanza.  Also, please note that when Bonanza's Best Match is selected, you cannot initially set a Condition of your item as Bonanza requires a definite category to be selected in order to select a condition.  Not every category has the same options for condition.

  • You do also have the option of using the category drop down to select one of the main and subsequent leaf categories that are available through Bonanza API.  But when you do this, all items will be listed in this category unless you change it. But doing so, will allow you to set every item to a New condition here if you'd like. 

  • Condition - As mentioned, when category is Bonanza's Best Match, then the Condition will not be able to be selected. It will be blank.  Note: If you're using Google Shopping advertising on Bonanza, and your condition is blank, Bonanza will automatically default to changing your items to a "Used" condition. So if the items are not "used", you may end up wanting to change that directly on Bonanza.

  • On the other hand, if you have already selected a category and the appropriate leaf categories above, you will be able to select your item's condition here (New, Used, etc.)

5. The next section is called Custom Category. If you have already configured custom categories for your Bonanza Booth on Bonanza, then you can choose to automatically assign items as they are listed to your Bonanza Custom Categories.  However, please note that turning on this option, will not stop you from having to use the real Category mentioned above.  You will still need a regular category and leaf category if not using Bonanza's Best Match

If you want to use Custom Categories, then you can change this option to Yes, and click Get Custom Categories.  Then select your Custom Category from the drop down menu. Otherwise, you can leave this option set to No.

6. The next section is for your Return Policy

  • Returns Accepted Option - Select whether or not returns are accepted here. Choose either Accepted or Not Accepted.

  • Returns Within Option - Select the amount of days that the buyer has to ship the product back if they want to return it.

  • Shipping Cost Paid By Option - Select whether or not you want the Buyer or Seller to cover the costs of return shipping.

  • Returns Description - Add the terms and conditions of your returns policy here. 

7. Next are your Shipping Details.

  • Ships Within Days - This setting is for you to specify your handling/dispatch time. In other words, how long it takes for you to ship an item and provide tracking details to your buyer.

8. The next section is for your Insurance Details.

  • Insurance Option - This is where you specify whether or not you are providing shipping insurance for the packages that you ship to your buyers.  Select None if you do not. Other options include Included in Shipping and Handling, Optional, or Required. When any of these are selected, you'll also have the ability to enter in an insurance amount...but in most cases, you're not providing insurance, so we'd recommend None.

9. The next section is for your Shipping Service Options.

  • OBO - This is you want to enable Best Offer or Price Negotiable on your listings. Choose On if you do, or No if you do not wish to enable that setting.

  • Buyer Pays for Label - Select Yes or No here if you want the buyer to pay for the shipping label if shipping is required.

  • Shipping Type - Select Free here if you are not charging your buyer for shipping.  You can also choose Calculated, Fixed, or See Description and then provide the necessary details below.

  • Shipping Service Cost - This is the amount that you are charging the buyer for shipping.  You can leave this blank if you're providing free shipping to your buyer.

  • Shipping Service - Select your shipping time frame here.

  • Shipping Carrier - Select a shipping carrier to use by default.

10. The last 2 sections are for International Shipping Service Option & Calculated Shipping Rate.

If you are not allowing international shipping or using calculated shipping, then you can essentially set these options to No and/or leave them blank.  Otherwise, select and fill in the appropriate details to enable these options on your listings.

Once you're done, click Save.