1. Log into your Amazon Seller Central Account

2. In the top right corner, click on Settings.

3. Click User Permissions

4. Under Third Party Developer and Apps, click Visit Manage Your Apps.

5. Click Authorize New Developer.

6. You will be redirected to Amazon Marketplace Web Service ( Amazon MWS), where you will authorize eCom Syndicator as a developer.

7. In the Developer Name field, type "eCom Syndicator".

8. In the Developer ID field, type eCom Syndicator's Developer number which is "7208-4431-9460". Note: This is the code for the US, CA, and MX Marketplaces. If you're listing on any others, you can find our developer code by going to your Sku Grid account to Settings --> Marketplaces --> Amazon --> Country.

9. Click Next.

10. Read over Amazon's terms of service and check the box to agree.  Then click Next.

11. You will then be presented with your Amazon Keys/Credentials.  You'll see your Seller ID, Marketplace IDs, and your MWS Authentication Token

12. Your Seller ID is a unique number that identifies you as a seller. This is referred to as the Merchant ID in our software.  Your Marketplace ID is a code that specifies the Amazon country platform that you are selling on.

13. Copy and paste all of the keys into the corresponding fields in your settings to connect the application to your Amazon seller account.

14. Save Settings.