Sku Grid Quick Start Guide for Amazon Sellers


Welcome to Sku Grid.  We’re glad that you’ve decided to join us.  We’ve created this Quick Start Guide to help you get your Sku Grid account set up quickly and efficiently. It will feature links to interactive tutorials.  You will be able to choose to view the demonstration or view the steps. The tutorials are in order and are going to walk you through proper setup, so please don’t skip over anything. 

Since this is a Quick Start Guide, we’re only going to cover configuring your settings and adding your items into Sku Grid. We have lots more training on the Sku Grid YouTube Channel.  Click Here to subscribe to be notified when new trainings are available.

If you would like to use our listing tools for the Amazon Marketplace - Please CLICK HERE for tutorials.  You should configure your Sku Grid account first and then set up your lister.

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Configuring Your Sku Grid Account

 Step 1: General Settings

CLICK HERE for General Settings Tutorial

Step 2: Store Specific Settings

CLICK HERE for the Store Specific Settings Tutorial

Step 3: Notifications Settings

CLICK HERE for the Notifications Settings Tutorial

Step 4: Profit Formulas Settings

CLICK HERE for the Profit Formulas Settings Tutorial

Step 5: General Repricer Settings

CLICK HERE for the General Repricer Settings Tutorial

Step 6: Amazon Marketplace Settings

CLICK HERE for the Guide to Authorizing the Application in Your Amazon Seller Central Account

 **You will need to get your Amazon Keys and Put Them into Your Marketplace Settings

**Input your Merchant ID (Seller ID), Marketplace ID, and Amazon MWS Auth Token into your Marketplace Settings to Connect Your Sku Grid Account to Amazon.

CLICK HERE for the Amazon Marketplace Settings Tutorial

NOTE: This tutorial includes your default settings & default formula

Step 7: Remote API Settings

CLICK HERE for the Remote API Settings Tutorial

Adding Your Items Into Sku Grid

Option 1: Import from Marketplace

CLICK HERE for the Importing From Amazon Marketplace Tutorial

Option 2: Add Single Item

CLICK HERE for Video on How to Add a Single Item Into Sku Grid

Option 3: Import Via CSV File

CLICK HERE for Video on How to Import Via CSV File

Thank you for following this quick start guide.  We hope that we have helped you get started tracking your items quickly and easily. Please see the rest of our video tutorials on the Sku Grid YouTube Channel to learn more about how to properly use Sku Grid and all of its functions. CLICK HERE to visit the Sku Grid YouTube Channel.