When listing with Banggood as a supplier, it is important to specify which warehouse you want to use to fulfill your orders. Sometimes, there is only 1 warehouse (CN for China) and other times there will be 2 or 3 warehouses (example: CN for China and US for United States, etc.).  In order to tell Sku Grid which warehouse you want to use, you simply add #skuopt:warehouse::cn for China or #skuopt:warehouse::us for the United States warehouse, etc. You will just change the 2 letter country abbreviation at the end.

Another thing with Banggood is that you'll need to enter the supplier variations exactly as shown as well.

So let's take a look at a few examples.


As you will see, this item is available in both the China (CN) and United States (US) warehouse.  If you're listing in the United States and want the item to be shipped and sold from the US warehouse, then you would add #skuopt:warehouse::us to the end of the supplier url.  If you prefer the China warehouse or are listing outside of the US, then you would use #skuopt:warehouse::cn to the end of the supplier url to use the China Warehouse.





Just to demonstrate, I've added both warehouse options to Sku Grid as a test and as you can see, the price/stock for each respective warehouse is being picked up correctly as long as the correct #skuopt:warehouse::country option is added to the end of the supplier url.

Now here's a variation example.  In this particular example https://www.banggood.com/4-Colors-Plus-Size-M-3XL-Winter-Jacket-Mens-Coat-Brand-Man-Hooded-Clothes-p-1097650.html, you'll notice that there is only 1 country to select from, but there is also a variation.  You have ability to pick color and size options before adding the item to checkout.  When adding the item to sku grid, you will still need to select the warehouse by adding #skuopt:warehouse::country to the end of the supplier url.  In this case, it would be #skuopt:warehouse::cn and you need to specify the supplier variation, which would be Red|XL.  Remember that when a supplier has 2 or more options (i.e. size and color, etc.), they are separated with a vertical line | (hold Shift + Backslash \ )

So the URL would be entered as https://www.banggood.com/4-Colors-Plus-Size-M-3XL-Winter-Jacket-Mens-Coat-Brand-Man-Hooded-Clothes-p-1097650.html#skuopt:warehouse::cn and for the Supplier Variation, you would add Red|XL Note: If you were batch listing this item with Hydra, you would enter the supplier url as https://www.banggood.com/4-Colors-Plus-Size-M-3XL-Winter-Jacket-Mens-Coat-Brand-Man-Hooded-Clothes-p-1097650.html;Red|XL#skuopt:warehouse::cn

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