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please cancel the payment every month i do not use the monitor

please cancel the payment every month i do not use the monitor thank you 

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Please do not charge me , I am not going to use sku grid. Thank you



Thank you for contacting support.  To cancel your account, please log in to skugrid, go to your subscriptions tab, locate your trial in the list and click Unsubscribe.  It will take you to Paypal to log in.  Log in to paypal and go to Tools --> Recurring Payments --> My Preapproved Payment Plans.  Then locate your skugrid subscription in the list  Edit it.  Then click Cancel this payment profile.  You will not be billed.

You can then choose to either go to Settings --> General and set Vacation Mode to Yes.  That way skugrid will not check or reprice your items or you can Purge them all out of skugrid. If you do not do one of these options your items will continue to be repriced until credits are gone. Thank you.

Please cancel my subscription. I tried to cancel within Sku, but don't see a unsubscribe button anywhere. I already stopped PayPal. Thank you for your services!

I have decided to purchase a One Time amount of credits but I still see the $14.95 at pending, I canceled the monthly one with Paypal. Please remove that monthly one completely. I only wish to purchase One Time Credits from now on. Shanti2012.  Please remove the pending one completely off site. 

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